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The Dual County League schedules contests over school vacation weeks. The primary reasons for this include scheduling needs, and conditioning/training principles.  Each season is limited to a certain period of weeks, and it becomes necessary to compete and practice over vacations in order to safely complete schedules.  The weather has a major effect on schedules, particularly in the spring, and using the vacation week helps to prevent weeks consisting of four or five makeup games.   It is also important to note that student-athletes must regularly train and practice in order for a team to progress.   When students take a week off, they lose valuable conditioning and instruction time.  This results in loss of information such as strategies and tactics.  It is also possible that a student-athlete may suffer an injury due to lack of conditioning. All LSRHS athletes who have contests scheduled over school vacations will be expected to attend all scheduled practices and contests during that week.  Students who are planning to go away are expected to communicate this with their respective coach prior to the season.  We know that occasionally students find themselves in conflict between participation in a sport, and participation on a school-sponsored trip.  In these cases a choice will have to be made. Those students who do make a team, and then choose to go away during the vacation will have to adhere to the following rules.

*  Students who choose to go away and miss part of their season will lose playing privileges to students who are at practices and games throughout the vacation.

*  Varsity students-athletes who are absent during the entire vacation week will be suspended from contests on the week that follows. For each contest that they miss, they will be suspended from that number of contests on the following week.  If a student misses two games, she/he will be suspended from two games.  However, they will be expected to practice and attend all contests.  This policy will be more flexible with regards to sub varsity student-athletes.

*  Varsity student-athletes who are absent for part of a vacation will not compete in contests for part of the following week (for example, if a student misses one game, he/she will be suspended from the next game).  This will be determined by the coach.

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