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The L-S athletic program serves the curriculum and mission of the district outside our walls and school hours.  Interscholastic athletics offers student athletes a dual experience.  First, they will develop their skills and passion for specific sports.  Second, and more importantly, they will learn habits of mind that foster success in all areas of life.

Specifically, athletics teaches community service.  At the most basic level, to accept a role on a team requires athletes to serve a community and a purpose larger than themselves.

Athletics teaches wellness.  Athletes learn how to tune their bodies through nutrition and exercise.  Likewise, athletes learn how to tune their minds to find balance in the face of competition and fatigue.

Athletics teaches the growth mindset.  Athletes get better through focused, purposeful practice of their craft.  Whatever tools an athlete receives through birth pale in comparison to the skills and coordination that will develop through dedicated practice.

Finally, athletics teaches fun.  Every athlete plays, or began playing, because they loved their sport.  Every game and practice is an opportunity to reconnect with the joy we all felt as young children.

I wish all of our teams success.  That success will not be marked by how much you win or lose.  It will be marked by your commitment to community service, wellness, growth and fun.  If those are your focus the wins will follow.

My best,
Art Reilly
L-S Director of Activities & Athletics 

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